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Tracy’s gentle and caring demeanor combined with her extensive knowledge make for a wonderful experience. She helped to isolate and minimize pain I was having in my hip in association with foot problems using both acupuncture and “gua sha”. As an added bonus, she also used acupuncture to lessen my sugar cravings – the results seemed almost miraculous to me. She also, found certain points that completely relaxed my face and soothed pain and tension I have from Bruxism (teeth grinding).
Tracy is educated on Eastern nutritional ideologies and was able to recommend some dietary changes that aided in faster healing for me.
Her offices are clean and soothing. She’s well organized and was prompt in scheduling and replying to questions via email.
Overall, a wonderful, healing experience.
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Before I had acupuncture with Tracy, I was suffering with neck and back pain, anxiety, and not feeling well overall, not knowing exactly what was wrong or what could I do to improve my well being. Through treatment with her, I felt immediate relief from my pain, always leaving the session calm and collected, and the results lasted after the treatment. Most of all, having weekly sessions made my health so much better, because not only is she masterful in the use of the needles, but also offers several other techniques to really address the root causes of the symptoms I have. Most of all, her sensibility and ability to see beyond the surface is what makes the difference being treated by her, in comparison to other acupuncturists and holistic practitioners.

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I highly recommend Tracy's services! She is a kind, gentle and thoughtful practitioner. She really listens and has a great depth of knowledge and experience in acupuncture and related fields. I began seeing her early in pregnancy and she helped me through every stage of pregnancy, from "morning" sickness to a quick, healthy labor and delivery. Every step of the way, I was able to embrace my pregnancy because of the support and enhancement of my acupuncture treatments. I continue to see her now because since I've been seeing Tracy, I am the healthiest I have ever been. From boosting my immunity, improving my digestion, increasing my energy, and teaching me how to listen to my body, acupuncture with Tracy has had a tremendous impact on the quality of my life! Go see her!

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Manhattan Location
32 Union Square East
New York, NY, 10003

Brooklyn Location
217 6th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215